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toshiba laptop repairs and services

Toshiba Laptop Repair & Services we provide for the following all model’s issues

Toshiba laptop’s Hardware Problems we repair

  • Laptop Overheating
  • Cracking sound from laptop
  • Broken or damage body repair and replacement
  • Broken Bottom base and palm rest replacements
  • Broken Hinges and screen cover
  • Keyboard replacement
  • Internal web Camera issue
  • Motherboard repair and replacement
  • Other hardware issues
  • LCD screen cover and bezel replacements
  • Touchpad, trackpad repair and replacement
  • Laptop Graphic chip repair and replacement
  • Heatsink repair & Thermal compound solutions
  • USB, HDMI ports repair and replacements
  • CD/DVD Optical drive cleaning and replace
hardware problem

Toshiba laptop’s Power Problems we repair

  • laptop Not powering on
  • laptop battery Not charging
  • Power adaptor Charger not working
  • laptop Not powering off or automatic restarts itself
  • Intermittently powering off the laptop
  • Electric shock when touch USB port or bottom
  • Charing Pin DC jack repair and replacement
  • All toshiba laptop models 6 cell and 9 cells battery packs repair and replacements
power problem

Toshiba laptop’s Software Problems we deal

  • Slow processing or hangs, freeze problems
  • OS installation and Upgradations
  • OS installation with data backup
  • Formatting of Hard drive
  • Antivirus installation / malware clean-up
  • Internet issues Wi-Fi connectivity issues
  • Other software installation driver’s patches
  • Applications software issues
  • Display, sound/audio, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi/wireless drives installation
software problem

Toshiba laptop’s Display Problems we repair

  • No display o screen
  • Screen damaged or cracked
  • Display / screen flickering
  • Improper display
  • Blurred display
  • Black or white Spots on display screen
dispaly problem

Toshiba laptop’s Sound Problems we repair

  • Less sound, no sound
  • Cracking sound (broken speakers)
  • Headphone and mic Jack not working
sound problem

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